Robotic Process Automation

Using software robots and intelligent business rules, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates manual, repetitive tasks to save time, eliminate errors and deliver 100% data accuracy.

Manual data entry tasks and business processes take a great deal of employees’ time. These types of tasks are repetitive, unengaging and prone to errors, which ultimately impact on companies’ KPIs. With the help of software robots, companies are now building Digital Workforces, which are improving the efficiency and accuracy of administration tasks across all sectors of the business.

Cobwebb’s Digital Workforce automates any processes that follow a set path of defined steps, cutting processing times and saving your business money, while eliminating errors and ensuring 100% data accuracy.

Digital Workforces free up your human staff to be better employed in higher value tasks, which not only increases ROI, but results in improved employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Digital Workforce guides

How it works

RPA on IBM i


  • 100% data accuracy
  • Cuts processing times
  • Eliminates errors
  • Frees up human staff to perform higher value tasks