Proof Of Delivery

Proof of Delivery (POD) establishes the receipt of goods, with the recipient’s signature acknowledging safe delivery. The signing of the POD and registration in the system of the company wanting to bill its customers directly affects when the invoice can be generated and, hence, the cashflow of the billing company.

Improving invoice processing means that customers receive their invoices more promptly and that the billing company’s number of debtor days is reduced. Automating the POD process ensures that documents are automatically archived, which greatly reduces the mislaying of documents and aids the prompt payment of invoices.

Cobwebb Communications has two approaches depending on your organisations demands. Cobwebb is able to capture signatures and extract relevant data from the POD at the point of delivery using mobile signature capture, or back at the depot by scanning physical copies of PODs using the most advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology on the market.

Read our case study to see how Cobwebb Mobile POD eliminated manual scanning of over 1/2 million delivery notes a year.

Highlights of Cobwebb Solution

  • Improve invoice processing
  • Capture signatures
  • Extract relevant data
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology