Cobwebb Server Software

For details on how to install the Cobwebb Server Software please read
Installing & Configuring the Cobwebb Server Software.

Alternatively download the
Cobwebb Document Management User Guide PDF and read the “Installing & Configuring the Cobwebb Server Software” section.

Production Version

Version 6.2.86 – Compatible with OS400 V6R1M0 and above

Released – 22nd December 2022

This is the recommended version for Production environments.


  • The Cobwebb Server System Installation Wizard now allows you to install / upgrade a library other than CPPD.
  • There is a new option to put %ATTACHMENT in the Message for an Email Output Device which allows you to design a PPD to output the information in the Message Body rather than adding it as an attachment to the Email.
  • Docstore enhancements include:
    • Better searching by date

Download  – This is a zipped ISO image.

Legacy Versions

For customers running IBM OS400 V5R4M0 and below, please download the relevant legacy version from here.